Ju'Tri Luxury Soap & Bath Products

Ju'Tri Luxury Soap & Bath Products is located in the glorious Kootenay area of beautiful British Columbia. Sparkling mountain waters, gorgeous wild flowers, and breathtaking vistas are all part of the inspiration behind our naturally handcrafted soaps, body butters, scrubs, shaving foam, bath bombs, etc.

Elements from nature, lavender, rose petals, goat's milk, honey, sugar, almond, aloe, peppermint & honey infuse our items with a feeling of luxury; combined with time honoured soap making lore we are certain that all of our items will make you feel indulgent - decadent.

Our items contain natural goodness - no harsh chemicals, no dangerous ingredients & no part of our preperations are harmful to the environment.

Prepare to feel pampered without paying the extravagant prices usually attached to such luxuries - history has shown that you are going to love the experience...

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